Eagon & Associates, Inc. provides expert services relative to all aspects of the use and protection of groundwater.  Services include analysis of contaminated sites, assessment of the potential impacts of mining and construction on groundwater, and evaluation of dewatering feasibility, and remediation activities.  Principal and senior professionals share many years of combined experience in the planning, management, and successful completion of a wide variety of groundwater projects.  Staff personnel are thoroughly experienced in all types of field investigations related to groundwater.


Eagon & Associates provides analysis of groundwater resources for numerous municipal and industrial clients to assist in the development and operation of supply wells and well fields.  Services include exploration, well design and testing, capacity analysis, wellhead protection, monitoring, well rehabilitation, and well field management.

Eagon & Associates provides services related to groundwater at solid waste, residual waste, and C&DD landfills, as well as at RCRA and CERCLA sites.  Services include site characterization for permitting and design engineers, monitoring well installation and sampling, monitoring program development, statistical analysis of water-quality data, assessment, and determination and implementation of corrective measures.

Eagon & Associates provides clients site investigations to delineate contaminant plumes, identify sources, and characterize the hydrogeologic controls on contaminant migration.  Services include installation and sampling of monitoring wells and design of remedial measures such as pump and treat systems, recovery of immiscible fluids, and monitored natural attenuation.

Eagon & Associates provides site characterization and quantitative analysis of pumping requirements and potential impact for dewatering operations.  Projects have included studies for clients and engineers relative to project design, feasibility of dewatering for various construction means and methods, dewatering system design, potential impacts to be expected during construction of open cut or tunnel excavations, and analysis of potential impact to be expected during dewatering for aggregate mining at gravel pits and quarries.

Eagon & Associates has expert in-house modeling capability and can provide groundwater flow modeling as a component to all of the services that we offer.  We have used both numerical and analytical models and have completed projects that range from simple preliminary models to complex and comprehensive models.

Eagon & Associates provides investigations, monitoring, and oversight to repair or replace private supply wells.  Projects have included tunnel and construction dewatering, mining operations, highway construction, pumping of well fields for water supply, and aquifer contamination.


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