Siting and Monitoring of Waste Facilities

Eagon & Associates provides services related to groundwater at solid waste, residual waste, and C&DD landfills, as well as at RCRA and CERCLA sites.  Services include site characterization for permitting and design engineers, monitoring well installation and sampling, monitoring program development, statistical analysis of water-quality data, assessment, and determination and implementation of corrective measures.


hydrogeologic site investigations


site characterization for permitting/compliance


groundwater monitoring and reporting

• Test Hole Logging – Rock/Soil Classification

• Monitoring Well Installation

• Geophysical Investigations

• Gas Probe Installation

• Hydraulic Testing – Packer, Slug, and Pumping


• Solid, Hazardous, Residual, and C&DD Landfills

• Site Expansions

• Hydrogeologic Report Preparation for PTIs

• Groundwater Assessment Investigations and


• Corrective Measures Plans

• Groundwater Flow Modeling

• Expert Testimony

• Monitoring Well Repair and Rehabilitation

• Well Sealing and Abandonment

• Monitoring Plan Development

• Groundwater Sampling

• Database Management and Statistical Evaluation

• Routine Report Preparation

• NPDES Monitoring and Reporting

• Monitoring Well Design, Installation, and



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