Groundwater Modeling


Eagon & Associates has expert in-house modeling capability and can provide groundwater flow modeling as a component to all of the services that we offer.  We have used both numerical and analytical models and have completed projects that range from simple preliminary models to complex and comprehensive models.

Water Resource evaluation


contaminated site evaluation


mining and construction dewatering analysis

• Fate and Transport Modeling

• Capture Zone Analysis

• Remediation System Design

• Natural Attenuation Analysis

• Time of Travel Analysis

• Litigation Support

• Dewatering Feasibility Evaluation

• Dewatering System Design

• Tunnel/Open Cut Excavation Inflow


• Potential Impact Analysis

• Permitting Support

• Well Field Capacity Analysis

• Well Field Optimization

• Well Field Design

• Wellhead Protection Area Delineation

• Water Quality Mixing Models


Model types

• Numerical/Analytical

• Finite Difference (Modflow)

• Finite Element

Representative Experience


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