Residential Well Monitoring and Impact Mitigation

Eagon & Associates provides investigations, monitoring, and oversight to repair or replace private supply wells.  Projects have included tunnel and construction dewatering, mining operations, highway construction, pumping of well fields for water supply, and aquifer contamination.

groundwater quality monitoring



well surveys


groundwater level monitoring

• Develop Residential Well Database

• Identify Wells Vulnerable to Impacts

• Measure and Record Pre-Construction

   Baseline Conditions

• Establish Routine Monitoring Network

• Maintain and Update Graphs and Maps

• Measure and Record Levels Before, During,

   and After Construction

• Bacteriological Sample Collection

• Water-Quality Sample Collection to

   Document Baseline Conditions

• Water-Quality Analyses to Determine

   Appropriate Treatment Options


complaint investigation


Remediation oversight

• Compare New Data to Established Baseline

• Diagnose Problems

• Recommend Solutions for Validated Claims

• Respond to Complaints of Diminished

   Quality and Quantity

• Installation of Temporary Water Supplies

• Installation of Filters or Treatment Equipment

• Replacement Well Design to Optimize Yield

• Pump Lowering

• Well Deepening

• Document Remediation Measures

• Interfacing with Regulatory Agencies

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