Groundwater Supply Evaluation and Management

Eagon & Associates provides analysis of groundwater resources for numerous municipal and industrial clients to assist in the development and operation of supply wells and well fields.  Services include exploration, well design and testing, capacity analysis, wellhead protection, monitoring, well rehabilitation, and well field management.


new well / well field development


existing well / well field evaluation

source water protection (SWP)


• Test Drilling Planning and Oversight

• Well Site Approval

• Aquifer Testing and Analysis

• Well Design

• Well Construction Oversight

• Groundwater Flow Modeling

• Well Field Capacity Analysis

• Well Performance Testing and Analysis

• Well Field Capacity Analysis

• Well Rehabilitation Oversight and Evaluation

• Water-Quality Data Collection and Analysis

• Operational Recommendations

• Wellhead Protection Area Delineation

• Potential Contaminant Source Inventory

• Management Plan Preparation

• Ordinance Development Assistance


contamination investigations

• Groundwater Monitoring

• Geophysical Surveys

• Contaminant Transport Modeling

• Regulatory Agency Interaction

• Groundwater Remediation


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