Mining and Construction Dewatering

Eagon & Associates provides site characterization and quantitative analysis of pumping requirements and potential impact for dewatering operations.  Projects have included studies for clients and engineers relative to project design, feasibility of dewatering for various construction means and methods, dewatering system design, potential impacts to be expected during construction of open cut or tunnel excavations, and analysis of potential impact to be expected during dewatering for aggregate mining at gravel pits and quarries.


gravel pit and quarry dewatering


dewatering system design


engineering design support

• Data Compilation and Site Characterization

• Modeling of Groundwater Flow Systems

• Analysis of Pumping Requirements

• Estimation of Impacts on Existing Water Wells

• Technical Report Preparation for Permitting

• Routine Water-Level Monitoring

• Complaint Investigation and Impact Mitigation

   for Residential Water Systems

• Data Review and Site Characterization

• Design, Oversight, and Analysis of Pumping Tests

• Dewatering Feasibility Studies

• Groundwater Flow Modeling

• Dewatering System Design

• Evaluation of System Failures

• Expert Testimony for Dispute Resolution

• Test Drilling and Pumping Tests

• Packer Testing Oversight

• Estimation of Dewatering Requirements

• Estimation of Potential Inflows to Shafts

   and Tunnels

• Preparation of Dewatering


• Input for Geotechnical Baseline Reports

• Estimation of Dewatering Impacts

• Dewatering Cost Estimates


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